Exploring How Béis Built A Cult Following For Their Product-Based Travel Brand

Disclaimer: as much as we wish they were, Béis is not a client of Jetpass Media and has no working relationship with us. This article was written as our own review of their marketing efforts based on what is publicly available.

Part of our due diligence as marketers is to pay attention to leading brands in the travel, home and real estate, and sports industries and study what makes their marketing efforts so successful.

One brand in particular that we have our eye on (read: our team is personally OBSESSED with everything they offer) is product-based travel brand, Béis. Béis has become a sensation in the travel community by offering products that have a tasteful aesthetic without losing core functionality.

In such a highly competitive industry, what made Béis so successful in building a cult following?

From a general business approach, the answer is pretty simple. Béis knows who their customer is and they create products that serve that specific customer base.

Our understanding from digging into Béis is that they target consumers with a busy lifestyle. Their customer is likely running from work to the gym, and then to pick up the kids from school on a daily basis. But just because they have a busy day-to-day doesn’t mean they sacrifice their sense of adventure – this customer might be frequently flying out for business conferences, hitting the road on a trip with the fam, or heading to Miami for a girls’ weekend. They’re looking for the right bags and accessories that provide durability and functionality, and still fit the aesthetic that they strive for to feel a little more put together throughout the chaotic adventure we call life.

When a customer finds a brand that makes them feel understood on a deeper level, it doesn’t take much for them to hit that “buy now” button.

But the right product for the right customer isn’t the full equation – marketing matters.

A great example of how Béis markets their brand is their recent launch of three new colors, called their Sherbet collection. The collection wasn’t just dropped into the world with hopes that their customers would buy it – there was absolutely strategy involved.

In regards to content strategy, even before there was any mention or tease for Sherbet, Béis featured their products in a way that spoke directly to those pieces we mentioned above. They position their products in both photoshoots and via influencer and user-generated content in the context of their customer’s typical lifestyle. Functionality is demonstrated by how much more convenient their products make their customer’s lives – and we see their products at the airport, at the gym, on the court, paired with a power suit, on the floor with your belongings spread out around them ready to be packed away, etc.

When it came time for the launch, teases were dropped, starting with a bowl of sherbet and Béis founder, Shay Mitchell with a cone of the sweet treat announcing the upcoming collection. Up next was a poll-style piece of content asking followers to guess what the new color drop was going to be, with the option “all of them” eluding to multiple colors coming soon. A few more teasers, including one with a sneak peek at some of the products, are dropped and finally, the announcement is made that the new collection is live.

And yes – we absolutely were buzzing about this launch and which colors and products we wanted the most (but realistically we just wanted everything).

Why this marketing strategy worked for Béis: It’s on-brand.

Not only is it critical to know what your customer wants, but it’s also critical to know how they speak. Their messaging is casual, like that between your best friends or even between you and your work bestie.

Their customers are the ones sending each other updates on what Taylor Swift’s cryptic shirts mean at the Eras Tour, the ones analyzing what teasers for the new season of their favorite Netflix show means, and the ones sending each other “lol so us” memes throughout their work day.

Knowing these are the things that get their customers talking and spreading the word, Béis took those same strategies from other aspects of their customers’ lives and applied them to their own launch and marketing strategy. That’s why some brands’ marketing feels like a native part of your everyday life, whereas others are ones you scroll past or tap “skip ad” for.

All in all, what are our takeaways looking at Béis and how can you apply them to your brand?

  1. Know your customer’s lifestyle and core desires and what problem(s) you are solving for them. Then evolve your brand to tailor that and use your content to speak to that.
  2. Learn the verbiage your customer uses and speak the same language.
  3. Dive into your customer outside of your brand and industry and tap into those behaviors and interests in your own marketing

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