3 Key Things To Include In Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

Yes, it’s time to start thinking about your 2022 marketing strategy already.

Is it just me, or does it feel like 2021 just FLEW by? It has been amazing seeing so much growth this year for our clients though as we’ve adapted to the new expectations and norms of the online, post-pandemic world!

This year we spent a lot of time with our clients testing new strategies, expanding to new platforms, redefining messaging and overall planning for expansion within both the agency and our clients businesses. It has honestly been really exhilarating dipping our toes into new waters and watching our clients flourish with new possibilities and ventures.

With that being said, we’ve also been buckling down and planning out how we intend to approach 2022 in regards to creating effective marketing strategies that align with our clients and their unique goals and visions for the new year. Now we’re going to share some of these strategies with you!

What is your flagship marketing channel?

Choosing a flagship channel for your 2022 marketing strategy is going to save you SO much time if that’s something you didn’t have established this year. You can choose any platform to be your Flagship but typically we see blogs, email, YouTube, or LinkedIn (speaking specifically to articles right now) as great places to start as these are all good places to host long-form content.

That long-form content can then be broken down into smaller, bite-sized pieces for other platforms. Let’s look at an example.

An interior designer might share the hottest home trends going into 2022. They write a detailed blog post highlighting each trend and linking to different pieces that you might be able to buy and sharing images of each trend in context. This would be the flagship.

This blog could then be broken down into an Instagram carousel, with each trend taking up an image. The call-to-action for that post could lead them back to the blog for more details and links to the designer’s favorite on-trend items. Or – it could even be broken down into one trend each day.

The designer might be interested in jumping into the growing short-form video world, taking photos from each trend to share in an Instagram Reel or a TikTok titled “The hottest 2022 design trends that you can recreate in your own home”.

The blog could also be shared with a short, enticing excerpt inviting their audience to “read more” that can be included in their email marketing, on their Facebook page, and on their LinkedIn page.

See where this is going? One long-form piece of content can be turned into substance for multiple platforms. This is called re-purposing. This is key if you intend to expand to new platforms without exhausting yourself by coming up with unique content for each one.

Cater your content strategy toward your launches or focus areas

What areas of your business do you want to grow next year? Are you planning to launch any new products or services? Are you planning to expand or narrow down your offerings?

These are all important questions to consider. Map out each of these milestones in your intended chronological order – then you’ll be able to visually see what your content should be catered toward during different seasons.

By beginning to share content related to an upcoming focus point or launch, you are priming your audience and helping them to become more familiar with the importance of what you are offering and truly how much it will benefit them (if they are a good fit for that offering).

Connection and personalization are becoming more important than ever

It’s a consumer’s world now and they’ve got demands. In a time where most of us are still feeling a little bit drained from the whole year-long quarantine thing, our clients and customers frankly don’t care about all of the bells and whistles of our products and services – they only care how it’s going to benefit them specifically.

Dialing in on who your target customers are is going to be key to crafting messaging around exactly what it is that they need and how you provide a solution for that need.

Additionally, responsiveness is a must. Many of today’s consumers will move onto a competitor solely because the first business they reached out to didn’t have a reasonable turnaround time. Be prompt to respond when someone has questions, acknowledge comments and DMs, and help your audience feel heard.

To recap: 2022 is a new opportunity for your brand to give your clients or customers exactly what they are looking for

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