Using Customer Personas to Improve Travel Marketing

Travel marketing is about more than just selling trips; it’s about creating experiences. To do that effectively, travel brands must deeply and genuinely understand their audience. That means getting to know the reason your audience is looking to travel, and understanding more about them than knowing they want to book a trip. The travel industry consists of diverse customer personas, and your brand will appeal directly to some of these personas, but not all.

Let’s explore some of these personas as a starting point to better understanding who your audience is and what they might be looking for from your travel brand.

Traveler Personas

The Adventure Seeker

Adventure seekers crave thrilling experiences that give them a rush. If your audience includes adventure-driven travelers, marketing to highlight adrenaline-pumping activities, extreme sports, and off-the-beaten-path destinations will serve your brand well. Showcase adventure stories and UGC that inspire wanderlust.

The Relaxation Enthusiast

Relaxation enthusiasts seek tranquility and an opportunity to kick back and put their feet up. If your audeince includes travelers seeking out a little R&R, then peaceful getaways, spa retreats, and serene destinations are going to be a strong focus area. Try creating soothing visuals and content to evoke a sense of calm and relaxation.

The Cultural Explorer

Cultural explorers are curious about the history and heritage of the areas they visit. If your audience includes those who value local culture, then your brand might include content that showcases heritage tours and local traditions. Try sharing stories from locals who have strong ties to the area’s culture, or travelers sharing their experience and how the local culture created transformation for them.

The Budget-Conscious Traveler

Budget-conscious travelers are price-conscious and often looking for the best deal. If your brand targets budget-conscious travelers, then marketing content around budget-friendly travel options, deals, and money-saving tips will likely appeal to them most. Try highlighting destinations where travelers can get the most value, or find inexpensive hidden gems.

The Family Vacation Planner

Families often plan vacations together that require activities that everyone can enjoy. If your audience includes families, focus on marketing efforts that showcase family-oriented travel packages, kid-friendly activities, and tips for traveling with children. You might consider sharing heartwarming family travel stories from your customers, or customer experiences shared by your team members.

The Luxury Traveler

Luxury travelers are on the opposite end of things from the budget-conscious traveler. These travelers seek opulence and exclusivity, meaning they want those “once in a lifetime” type experiences. If luxury travelers fall within your audience, showcasing high-end accommodations, private tours, and exclusive experiences may serve you well. Try showcasing luxury travel stories and testimonials paired with beautiful, high-quality video and imagery.

Understanding your brand’s traveler personas is essential to crafting travel marketing experiences that resonate and sell.

In order to improve your travel marketing, you need to tailor your marketing strategies to the personas that you serve. This will resonate better with your audience, and drive them to feel aligned with your brand.

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