Our Best Reels and Video Content Tips For Instagram

In case you missed it, Adam Mosseri, aka the head of Instagram, recently announced the priorities for Instagram in 2022.

The very first thing that he listed? Reels and video content.

If you aren’t already utilizing Reels and video content in your Instagram strategy, this might stir up discomfort or concern. But don’t worry, creating video content is easier than you might think! And no, you don’t need to dance or lip sync in order to create a high performing reel!

First – why are they making this shift toward Reels and video content? Wasn’t Instagram created to be a photo sharing app?

It was! However, the way users prefer to consume content is shifting. More and more people are preferring video content over the traditional photo and caption style content.

But let’s look at it from the viewpoint of supply and demand. More users are preferring video content over static feed posts (ie photos and graphics). However, there are still many others who, like you, are using a strategy focused on static feed posts.

That means we have a higher demand for video content, but a higher supply of static content. This alone means that video naturally will receive higher reach in the current landscape.

Additionally, we can consider Instagram’s algorithms.

We already mentioned that Instagram announced that they are prioritizing Reels and video content. But another thing they have mentioned time and time again, is that their algorithms show users the type of content that they want to see based on what they interact with and spend the most time on.

That means as more users are spending more time watching video content and Reels, the algorithm is absolutely going to prioritize video for those users. It would be silly for them to try to push tons of static content onto a user who tends to scroll past those types of posts.

Does that mean I should quit with photos and graphics?

Not at all. Static posts definitely have their place within a solid Instagram strategy. For many of our clients, we still use static content for the majority of their posts. This is because consistency is still key so we strive to create a content plan that feels sustainable and manageable.

However, incorporating video into your strategy, especially at a time where many are still feeling very hesitant to make the leap, is a great opportunity to gain increased reach (aka brand awareness) and connect with your audience in a new way!

So how can I get started with Reels and video content in my Instagram strategy?

First, everyone’s least favorite advice – just start!

Your first video probably won’t be great. My early videos are absolutely cringe-worthy. But you’ll learn something and better develop your skills with every video you create. If you need help coming up with a manageable posting strategy, check out this post about content planning.

Second, choose topics that you feel most comfortable talking about and create them in a way that feels natural to you.

Here are a few examples:

  • Susie is a lash technician and permanent makeup artist. She is really funny, sarcastic and loves to make people laugh. For her Reels, she typically chooses trending audio (such as audio clips from Keeping Up With The Kardashians) and recreates the videos using topics and taglines that are relevant to her industry.
  • Josh is a luxury realtor. He leads a similar lifestyle as many of his clients and is very personable. He uses trending audio to showcase active listings in his Reels and and creates video content that resonates and feels relatable for his audience based on their lifestyle such as showcasing his favorite places around the city and videos featuring his family.

Third, use your results to help you plan future videos!

It’s important not to let the results of one video determine your success with Reels or video as a whole. You should plan to create a good number of reels or videos (think 5-6+) with some variability between them. That means switching up formats, switching up styles (ie trying Q&A, step-by-step, talking style, b-roll style, etc). Once you have these videos published, you can use the results to determine which ones seem to be performing best.

Another thing to note is just because a certain kind of video tends to perform best doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to that style. Just use what you learn from that style video and continue experimenting and applying what you learn to future videos.

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